snack subscription box

Have you heard about Nomz energy bites? They are made with only natural, organic ingredients, in Toronto. Each bite is made with nuts, dates, coconut, cocoa and sea salt for the perfect nibble that will leave you energized and satisfied without a refined sugar crash.

healthy snacking made simple with our subscription box

These pretty snacks are also available as a subscription now. We send Nomz directly to your doorstep. Sitting at home and need a healthy snack option? Want to try something new, delicious and healthy? Just fancy having an emergency stash of something sweet and guilt-free? Looking for a subscription food gift for someone? It is all very easy.

how does subscription box work?

1. Head to one of our energy bites products. Pick your favorite or go for a variety pack!
2. Select the desired frequency - there is a variety of options whether you prefer to receive you box weekly or just once in two months time,
3. Enjoy your regular deliveries whilst saving 5% off each order!

snack subscription box FAQ

You can also edit, pause or cancel your delivery at any time.
You can pause and resume your subscription at any time
You can change your order frequency
You can change your next order date
You can subscribe to receive multiple types of bites to have a variety.
Whether you are based in Canada or elsewhere in the world - you can still get your healthy snacks delivered.