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coconut energy bites
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coconut energy bites
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coconut energy bites
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coconut energy bites

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Nomz were excellent in every way...the flavors (hazelnut is my favorite!). the ingredients spot on. the name is perfect. the packaging is clean, simple and elegant.

Jacquelyne S

Amazing taste and texture.These little bites are amazing!! The texture is so rich and the taste is heavenly!! My favorite snack by far!

Tracey D

Best snack ever. I absolutely love Nomz. The quality is unbeatable, they are delicious, full of flavor, easy to pack and perfect nutritionally. Thank you.

Jonathan J

I absolutely love these things!!! I don’t know how many months I have been ordering them but they are a staple in my every day diet!! Oh and don’t just stick to one flavour....try all 4.

Hali C

Delicious, clean eating and I appreciate the 96 pak for the bulk discount. I love all the flavours and the online shopping/shipping was seamless. Highly recommend - they are SO good.

Chris B

Nomz in the only treat in the market, natural and organic, with a very low sugar content. It has helped me replace refined sugar and serves as a daily dessert. I order a box monthly. Cant live without it! Thank you Nomz!

Camila N

Soft and seriously delicious! Packed with nutritious ingredients. Best part is they only have a few ingredients!

Michelle Z

This is just amazing! So healthy and filling! I am addicted to it. It is the best snack out there and it tastes heavenly; I tried various brands of energy balls and this is one is the best.


These magical healthy bites taste like chocolate truffles! I am obsessed with them and have gotten my family hooked. As someone with celiac these are a great sweet treat with no worry or guilt. Pistachio bites are my favourite!

Amanda C