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nomzicles - 24 pack


By weight, dates contain 50% more potassium than bananas. One of seven essential macrominerals – potassium helps send nerve signals and regulate fluid balance.


Filled with healthy fats – cashews control blood sugar, boost bone strength and lower cholesterol. Plus, the high magnesium content works to protect the heart.


Cocoa is packed with polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant, known to improve blood flow and supply to your brain, neuron creation, and brain function.


110 calories per serving... is that a lot?
A snack with higher calories that contains healthy fats, fiber, and protein is going to keep you satiated and fuelled for longer, as opposed to a low-calorie carbohydrate rich snack which is more likely to spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling hungry soon after. The quality of the ingredients in your food are so much more important than the number of calories – this is why we highlight our ingredient list on the front of all our packaging, rather than hiding it on the back!
Are nomzicles kid-friendly?
Yes! Nomzicles are 100% toddler and kid approved. Many parents have reported back that their kiddos and picky eaters LOVE snacking on our decadent fudge pops. Who wouldn't?!
Why are nomzicles sweetened with medjool dates?
Swapping refined sugars for naturally sweet Medjool dates is our favourite way to satisfy cravings while nourishing the body with a nutrient-dense whole food. Medjool dates are rich in fiber (hello, blood sugar balance!) and contain beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Do nomzicles really taste like ice cream?
Yes! Cashews add a creamy texture and subtle nutty flavour – making nomzicles even more delicious than the fudge pops of your childhood. In the words of one of our customers: "As a huge fan of ice cream and sweets, this is my new go-to, and with less guilt thanks to what I like to call good-for-me ingredients" - Michaela P.

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