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a sweet start

Jana founded nomz in 2013 after transforming her health for the better by eliminating refined sugar from her diet. She began making healthy versions of her favorite desserts, including organic bites made with nuts, dates, cocoa, and sea salt. Our chocolatey, nutty snacks are crafted with wholesome ingredients to satisfy your cravings while keeping your blood sugar balanced.

Our mission is to make a positive impact by providing access to nourishing food, and our products are intentionally made with quality, wholesome ingredients. We believe everyone deserves a rich quality of life, and our pursuit is to make healthy, nutrient-dense food an everyday necessity. This is why our short and nutrient-dense ingredient label is featured on the front every package.

giving back

Jana's time with the Moose Cree Indigenous community was a transformative experience. It also fueled the company's mission to help people eat and live better across Canada and beyond.

The annual nomz grant provides funding for Indigenous entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams to start or grow their own business. As we grow, so does our ability to give back.

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guiding principles


We are dedicated to delivering a quality snacks that prioritize your well-being. With a commitment to health, our products are crafted to be not only irresistibly delicious but also consciously healthy. From organic ingredients to gluten-free and vegan choices, we aim to redefine snacking by offering options that align with diverse dietary preferences.


Embracing the principles of paleo living, our snacks are thoughtfully curated to nourish your body, mind, and taste buds. Trust nomz for a snack experience that's not just satisfying but contributes to your overall well-being, ensuring every bite is a step towards a healthier you.


At nomz, simplicity is our secret ingredient for crafting snacks that stand out. We believe that the purest joy lies in simplicity, and our snacks embody this philosophy. From straightforward, wholesome ingredients to a commitment to transparency, nomz is dedicated to keeping things simple yet extraordinary.


We're not just about snacks; we're about building a vibrant community around a shared love for health and happiness. Our journey extends beyond our kitchen to embrace every individual who believes in the power of wholesome living. Join the nomz community, snack, share, and nourish yourself!

our wholesome creations

no refined sugar, certified organic, and gluten free

organic bites

Sample all 4 varieties of nomz organic bites with our assorted box!

daily nourish

12 of the world's best superfoods, all in one jar! Daily Nourish is our holy grail for making the most nutrient-rich smoothies, meals, or beverages.


Our organic chocolate popsicles have the crave-worthy taste of the fudge pops you grew up loving, enhanced with good-for-you wholesome ingredients.

nut butters

Our 4-pack of single ingredient nut butters is the perfect addition of delicious healthy fats to your diet. Enjoy it drizzled over fresh fruit, in your smoothie, or a spoonful on its own.

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nomz love notes

Lisa J.
(Verified Buyer)
The perfect candle!

“The perfect candle I love everything about this quality candle. I followed the website's suggestion and am keeping the candle lit during the day in my wfh space. It's so calming. I'm ordering a second candle for myself and a few candles and match sets for my (grown) kids' stockings."

Robert C.
(Verified Buyer)
We love nomz!

“My wife and I love nomz! The variety pack allows us to dabble between the different flavours throughout the week and knowing that each pack only uses 5 organic ingredients, we can snack consciously knowing we're fueling our bodies with something healthy."

Nanci B.
(Verified Buyer)
10000000 out of 10

“Nailed it. First every flavor is DELICIOUS. perfect size, high quality ingredients— no bs sweeteners, packaging GORGEOUS .. I have one or two in my bag at all times. Buy for yourself … but they also make amazing gift!!!!!"

Ceylan G.
(Verified Buyer)
I love these!

“These are the best snack . Chocolate and coconut make the best combo ! There are also great to bring along when I’m out and about - in case I need a quick snack"

Simon H.
(Verified Buyer)
Great for your blood sugar

“nomz balls are great for your blood sugar - invoking only a small rise in BG. Highly recommended (and tasty)."

Julie S.
(Verified Buyer)
Great gift idea! Great product!

“I have ordered various times and really enjoy all of the nomz products. The hazelnut butter is my favourite as are the energy bites in every flavour. I was so please when I received the assorted box. The box itself is beautiful and with the assortment of nomz inside, it makes the perfect gift. I know I would love it!!"

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