Our Story

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I was addicted to sugar and junk food. In 2013, I started learning more about the effects of refined sugar on the body and I became motivated to eat healthier. I had intense sugar cravings, so I started making these energy bites to satisfy my sweet tooth. Eventually, my mom tried them and absolutely loved them. She suggested I start selling them. My brother helped name the business ("nomz") and a month later, local retailers started carrying it in their stores. People enjoyed them so much that our business has been growing ever since.

We're so grateful for every individual who has supported us along the way, especially:

HANIFA, MEENA AND ROQIA: Thank you for all the love and energy you bring to our facility everyday. We could not have done this without you – our success is just as much every bit yours. We're blessed to be working with you.

​KYLE KEE FROM IMS: Thank you for your countless hours at your home, printing thousands of labels for us when we first started. You believed in us, even when our business was just a two-week old idea, and you went above and beyond to help us out.

PETER NEAL: Thank you for meeting with us when our business was only a few months old and way underdeveloped. It was the most impactful meeting in our journey – you equipped us with everything we needed to know to keep going forward. You're very busy and there was absolutely no benefit for you. It left us awestruck and inspired, and tremendously loyal Neal Brother fans!

NATHAN, ATIF AND RODNEY: Thank you for your patience and support in helping us run our equipment. You are talented engineers and troubleshooting geniuses. Whether it was in person, over the phone, or by email, you guys always saved the day.

ROB SAKRAN: Thank you for being the kindest landlord. Our facility is the heart of our business, and we're incredibly lucky that we have such a caring landlord. You've helped us with situations that most landlords wouldn't get involved in, even when you're on vacation.

SERGEY: Thank you for helping us with the little tasks that have made a huge difference. Whether it's installing our sink at the facility, or helping us lift a 1,200lb machine off a skid, you've been an absolute lifesaver.

GUS MARSALA: Thank you for caring about our product and making the effort to help spread awareness about our product, we are so appreciative.

JOE FROM EVERGREEN: Thank you for being the first store to carry our product. It gave us ALL the confidence we needed to keep going. You were the first manager we approached, so we got very lucky that you were so eager to help a local small businesses have a chance.

TANJA FRASER: Thank you for believing in local businesses and being passionate about helping small food businesses grow. You've provided us with a great opportunity, and you have equipped us with invaluable information!

ALISON THOMSON: Thank you for introducing us to the paleo diet. It made a positive impact on our health, and inspired this business.

ELAINE: Thank you for being so sweet, caring, and attentive to detail. You relieved a lot of stress from what could have been a daunting process.

DAMI: Thank you for coding our awesome website, even when our budget was tight!

EMI HOSS AND JASON VIGNEAULT: Thank you for genuinely wanting to help us, even when it didn't involve your direct field of business. We're grateful that you've been so kind and generous with your time.

DAD: Thank you for being an incredible source of inspiration in every aspect of life.

MOM: Thank you for your brilliant guidance in navigating this business world.