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Agreeable for sensitive skin, including those who may suffer from acne or eczema. This soap is fragrance free and made with just 3 simple ingredients.


Ideal for everyday hand washing, or leaving in your powder room for guests to enjoy.


Handmade using the traditional cold-press method, passed down from generation-to-generation of Palestinian women.


Sourced from our friends at Sitti Soap – a social enterprise that helps to empower and employ refugee artisans.

inside our
olive oil soap

olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is sourced from Jordanian olive groves. Rich in oleic acid and Vitamin E, olive oil helps to gently cleanse, condition and soften your skin.


H2O is used to dissolve the lye so it can interact with the olive oil as part of the saponification process.


Lye is an alkaline solution made of sodium hydroxide

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