Paleo vs. Vegan

We think labels need to go. Our focus is on eating whole nutrient-dense ingredients that taste good and nourish the body. Whether you're following the paleo lifestyle or the vegan lifestyle, we think it's important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, munch on a lot of fruits and veggies (the powerhouses of vitamins), eat a good source of protein (meat/fish/eggs for our paleo friends and legumes for our vegan friends), and indulge in healthy fats (they're so beneficial!) Regardless of your lifestyle choice, the elimination of refined sugars is a significant component to a healthier you. 
Paleo is named after the "paleolithic" period in human history when our ancestors used to hunt and gather everything they ate. For this reason, the paleo diet is sometimes referred to as the “caveman diet”. Healthy followers of the paleo lifestyle prefer to not eat legumes as a source of protein (they believe it isn't optimal for our digestive systems) and choose meat/fish that is freshly caught in the wild, without being raised in a cage and without antibiotics or hormones.
The vegan lifestyle, often known as plant-based lifestyles, omits the use of anything from an animal, either out of compassion for the animals and/or for dietary reasons. Healthy followers of the vegan lifestyle prefer to eat legumes as their source of protein. The rest of their food intake usually looks similar to that of a follower of the paleo lifestyle: fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. 
Is one better than the other?
As long as your focus is on on eating whole nutrient-dense ingredients that taste good and nourish the body, and you're eliminating refined sugars, we think both lifestyles can be healthy, it really depends on an individual's ability to maintain balance in their diet and ensure their lifestyle is aligned well with their personal preferences.