Our Story - del

In 2013, Jana Zaibak started learning about the impact refined sugar has on the body and became inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. To satisfy her sweet tooth, she started making energy bites with natural ingredients from earth: nuts, dates and cocoa. Her first attempt was a success: her creation tasted better than any dessert she had tried, kept her full, and nourished the body too!

Eventually, Jana’s mom tried the energy bites and loved them as much as Jana did. She suggested that Jana should start selling them. Jana’s brother helped name the business (“nomz”), and a month later, local retailers started carrying it in their stores. People enjoyed them so much that our business has been growing ever since.

We are passionate about what we do and we will continue source the best quality ingredients for our snacks. Our products will always be made without refined sugars and we’ll always only use natural ingredients.