Our commitment to sourcing quality organic ingredients and crafting deliciousness is our true north. Organic ingredients are in their most pure, wholesome form, just as nature intended. Better for your body, and more gentle for the environment.

Treat your body, and bite into decadence. Our energy bites are perfectly balanced. Soft, chocolatey, nutty and sweet... mmm, nom nom. The perfect snack with the best taste to satisfy your cravings.

From our ingredients to our design, we like to keep things simple. Minimal ingredients that we proudly list on the front of our package: nuts, dates, cocoa, coconut oil, and sea salt – that’s it. We keep our packaging design minimal too, communicating only what’s needed. Nothing less, nothing more.

We are so grateful for our team, those who have supported us along our journey, everyone who continues to nibble on our bites, and Toronto’s community who has provided a strong, and welcoming foundation for our business to grow. Gratitude with every day, and every bite.