spark a wellness moment

calm, without the chemicals

natural, subtle and sweet honey aroma

air purifying

beeswax cleans the air as it burns and is effective for reducing odours


the most environmentally friendly candle option for your eco-friendly home

warm amber glow

the round wooden wicks crackle softly and create a uniquely shaped and larger-than-usual flame

inside our
pure beeswax candle refills


Beeswax is a natural, sustainable resource. Beeswax candles release negative ions as they burn which help purify, cleanse, and improve air quality. Sourced directly from beekeepers and apiaries in Ontario

wooden wick

Ethically sourced from Sappy Fruit treewood from FSC-Certified Forests. Non toxic and result a uniquely shaped flame!

calm & cozy on repeat

An easy and eco-friendly way to give your candle vessel a new life, our handcrafted beeswax refills are custom designed to fit perfectly in our vessels so you can keep the burn going — more savings for you and less overall waste.


Do I need to trim my wick before lighting it?
On the first burn, keep the round wooden wick untrimmed. On subsequent burns, you can lightly pinch off the tips of the wick. Or you can leave the wick untrimmed, depending on how small or large you prefer your flame. Whether you use one of our 3" lilac matches or a lighter, it is always best to light any candle at the base of the wick rather than the tip to get the wax flowing. Our candles have a 48-hour burn time on an untrimmed wick (beeswax burns longer – and brighter – than any other candle wax!)
How do I avoid my candle from tunnelling?
The first candle burn is the most important! On your first burn, allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours until the melted wax pool reaches the edges of the container. This tip works for all candles!
I love scented candles, can I add essential oils?
To add aromatherapy, you can place a couple of drops of essential oils, such as lavender or cedarwood, into the warm wax around the flame. This is a great way to diffuse a natural scent into your home without artificial fragrances!
How can I reuse the vessel?
When your candle is done burning, our frosted white glass vessels can be repurposed into beautiful any afters, be it canisters or mini succulent planters. Love to paint? Get creative and make it your own! Best of all, pop in a beeswax refill! Here are 2 options to remove candle wax from any candle vessel: Option 1. Simply pour boiling water into the empty candle jar and any remaining wax will float to the surface. Option 2. Place the vessel in the freezer, and once frozen, use a knife to pop the remaining wax out of the vessel and wash the vessel with warm soapy water.

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