4 Ways to Add More Mindful Moments into Your Work Day

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4 ways to add more mindful moments into your workday to reduce stress, increase productivity, and feel more balanced!

It can be challenging to carve out time for mindful moments during a busy work week. With emails, zoom calls, slack notifications, and social media pulling your attention in all directions, staying present is difficult!

But, productivity, problem-solving, and creativity all suffer when your mind is constantly overthinking. We need moments of rest, peace, and stillness to do our best work throughout the day! Here are four ways to add more mindful moments to your workday (and the good news is, you can implement them right away)! 

1. Music, Podcasts, and Meditations

Who doesn’t love a good office playlist?! We love this deep focus playlist to set the mood for a relaxed and mindful workday. Having calming and peaceful music playing in the background can be so helpful when writing and brainstorming. Or, if you can’t focus with music playing all the time, take 1-2 minute breaks every half hour to blast one of your favourite songs that puts you in a good mood!

If you break up your day with coffee breaks or nature walks outside - this is a great time to throw on a motivational podcast or meditation. Check out our list of some of our top podcasts that we recently listened to - from wellness tips to business and mindfulness; there’s something for everyone here.

Last but not least, we have to mention our love of Mimi Bouchard’s meditation app: Superhuman. This app will change how you meditate, making it easy and accessible for anyone to begin. The chillin’ meditations are ideal for resetting during your workday. Two of our favourites include the “chill focus meditation” and the “high vibe for focus” meditation. These are so life-changing - not to mention the hundreds of other meditations on the app that can support you throughout your day. 

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2. Set Reminders

Is anyone else guilty of working the whole day without remembering to get up and take a break? Time flies when you’re in the zone, primarily if you work from home without any interruptions throughout the day.

Set a few quick reminders on your phone, or post a sticky note on your computer to remind you to take a few breaks throughout the day. Whether it’s a quick dog walk, grabbing lunch, or taking 5 minutes to reset with meditation - you’ll feel more productive and energized afterwards. beeswax candle at desk with imac, nomz energy bites, and keyboard in foreground

3. Burn A Beeswax candle

Since we’re on a theme of taking breaks, we must mention our most peaceful work from home ritual: lighting a beeswax candle at your desk for ALL the calming vibes! Not only do our beeswax candles burn clean (leaving no pollution or toxic pollutants in the air), but they also happen to smell like sweet, warm honey when burned. We love having a candle lit throughout the day, as it helps to remind you to take your eyes off the screen every few minutes. Eye strain from too much time on the computer can have significant health impacts! Try looking away from the computer screen every 20 minutes to reset your eyes to prevent eye strain.

4. Have Healthy Snacks on Hand 

Snacking on processed foods, fast food, caffeine, and foods high in sugar may seem tempting when at work until the sugar crash/ caffeine crash hits, and productivity goes out the window! Instead, keep some convenient, simple, and nourishing snacks in your office. Made with just four simple ingredients: nuts, cocoa, dates, and sea salt, our energy bites are the perfect solution! They are simple, satiating, and delicious. Best of all, they are naturally sweetened without refined sugar and contain healthy fats to support cognitive health. Read more about healthy fats here, and get our four healthy snack box ideas that you can pack for work!


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