8 Healthy Summer Habits for Balanced Holidays

8 Healthy Summer Habits for Balanced Holidays

Summer holidays are a time for relaxation, adventure, and living in the present moment. It's the perfect season to explore the outdoors, try new experiences, and spend quality time with friends and loved ones!

We believe that staying healthy and energized is key to fully embracing the joy of summer – helping you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of energy for all of your outdoor adventures. With that in mind, here are eight healthy habits that will help you make the most of your summer holidays while keeping your mind and body in shape. 

1. Keep Up with Morning Rituals

Sticking to a morning routine during the holidays is a great way to stay grounded amidst the excitement and spontaneity of your summer adventures.

Try kicking off the day with gratitude journaling and lemon water. Take a few moments to reflect on the things you're thankful for, whether it's the beautiful surroundings, the people you're with, or the experiences you've had. Practicing gratitude can help to set a positive tone for the day, helping you to approach your holidays with joy and appreciation. 

2. Prioritize Daily Movement

Whether it's a calming yoga session on the beach, a scenic walk in nature, or joining a fun workout class, get some form of movement in every day. Physical activity not only helps you stay fit but also releases endorphins, leaving you feeling happier and more energized throughout the day.

3. Pack Healthy Snacks 

We’ve all experienced long drives to the cottage when hunger hits and you forgot to pack snacks! Whether you’re setting out on a long road trip,  exploring new places or getting active outside, it's essential to have healthy snacks at the ready! nomz organic bites are the perfect snack to bring along for your summer adventures. Packed with wholesome ingredients, our tasty bites provide a convenient and nourishing way to keep your energy levels up. Whether you're hiking, lounging on the beach, or sightseeing, nomz organic bites will be your go-to snack to fuel your summer adventures (no sugar crash or hangry moments here)! 

healthy snacks, delivered to you

4. Hydrate

With the summer heat in full swing, staying hydrated is crucial. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you and making it a habit to take sips regularly, is a great way to stay energized. Water helps regulate body temperature, improves digestion, and flushes out toxins from your system.

You may also want to consider replenishing electrolytes through electrolyte-rich whole foods, or daily nourish superfood mix. Proper hydration will keep you feeling fresh, revitalized, and ready to make the most of your summer holiday.

Hydrating your body first thing in the morning by drinking a glass of warm lemon water can help to aid digestion, boost your immune system, and keep you hydrated throughout the day. For more inspiration to stay well hydrated, read our post on 10 reasons to drink more water!

5. Embrace Balance

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. While it's essential to nourish your body with nutritious foods and stay active, it's also okay to indulge and enjoy treats during your vacation.

Embrace the joy of trying new food or savouring your favorite desserts without any guilt. The key is to maintain moderation and not beat yourself up if you occasionally stray from your usual routine. After all, it's summer, and the goal is to have fun and create memories!

As you gear up for your summer adventures, don't forget to incorporate these habits for a healthy and rejuvenating vacation! From practicing morning gratitude to taking wholesome snacks on your travels, these habits will keep you energized, revitalized, and ready to make the most of every moment. Embrace the spirit of balance, stay connected with nature, and cherish the memories you create! Wishing you a summer filled with joy, adventure, and health!

6. Take a Tech Break

There’s nothing like a digital detox to get grounded and reset your body and mind.  Anytime you’re starting to feel stressed, take a moment to look at your screen time to gauge how much time you’re spending on your phone and computer. Taking a break can work wonders for your mental health, helping you feel more present and connected to the world around you! Put away your phone, turn off those notifications and take in the beauty of nature, and conversations with loved ones. 

 7. Connect with Nature

Spending time outdoors, whether it's hiking, swimming, or simply lounging in a hammock under the shade of trees is refreshing and revitalizing. Connecting with nature has numerous benefits, including reducing stress, enhancing creativity, and boosting overall well-being!

8. Don't forget your SPF

Last but certainly not least, protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF rating. Sunscreen not only helps prevent painful sunburns but also reduces the risk of long-term skin damage. Whether you're hitting the beach, exploring a city, or engaging in outdoor sports, applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is a must for a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

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