Healthy Hiking Snacks for the Outdoors

Healthy Hiking Snacks for the Outdoors

It's our favourite time of year, and that means it's time to go on a camping trip or take a hike in the great outdoors!

When it’s time for your next hiking trip, camping adventure or wherever you may be traveling, consider bringing some of these healthy snacks to avoid the mad dash to the store that sells only candy, chips and soda.

What are healthiest, tastiest snacks you can take on your next hike or outdoor adventure?

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are one of our favourite snacks to bring on a hike. They are tasty, a great source of energy, fibre and potassium.

They make for a quick and easy snack but they keep things cool! If you are going on a day or overnight trip, frozen grapes kill two birds with one stone - they can act as an ice pack to beat the heat!


Craving candy sitting by the campfire or need to fuel before getting started on a hike? Dates are a great source of fibre; they help keep digestion optimal and they provide a sustainable energy boost without the crash.


Go nuts! Think almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts. All of these choices are packed with protein, contain healthy fats and keep your appetite at bay. A handful of nuts gives you the energy boost to keep you going!

Energy Bars

Energy bars are a popular choice for hiking and camping trips, but watch out for additives and high sugar content. Nomz Energy Bites are a good alternative for energy bars as they are natural, easy to pack and have healthy fats that will fill you up until your next meal.

Dried or Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Buying fruit, cutting it up and bringing it in your own containers is the best way to keep it fresher for longer. Lemon wedges to put in your water bottle is a great way to get vitamin C and flavor. Watermelon and oranges are excellent choices because of their water content. Same goes for cucumbers and celery, plus they are easy to cut up and eat on the go. Most importantly, buy what you like, what will keep longer and always try for what is in season!

Nut Butters

Choose whichever one you like, all are high in protein and fuel your body. Many come in single packet forms and go great on celery, cucumbers or mixed with dates!

Dried Seaweed

Dried seaweed makes a great snack because it's lightweight, full of vitamins and minerals, and lasts a long time. Mix it in a soup or eat it raw as a snack.


What you snack on matters! Your hiking foods should be high in energy and low in added sugars to avoid  a crash. They should be portable and delicious. Before you go on your next trip, spend some time planning out what you’ll nibble on before and after meals because what you snack on matters!

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