healthy snacks for your next workout

healthy snacks for your next workout

As we navigate this new normal, immunity and wellness have never been more important. With no commute times and sitting at a desk all day, the opportunity for daily movement became increasingly necessary.

This year we’ve been getting our sweat in at home, in between cats doing downward dogs, pups trying to cuddle and roommate’s conference calls.

Luckily there has been no shortage of streamed workouts. Looking for the perfect morning workout, we’ve done barre with Adrienne on Alo Moves, physical conditioning with Taryn on The Class’s digital studio and taken a ride with Olivia on Peloton.

With the exploration of movement, the question of how to fuel that movement becomes increasingly critical. While hydrating with water feels universal, fuelling with healthy snacks is more complex. Here is what works for us.

Prior to meeting on the mat, we fuel up about two hours before exercise with a healthy snack. Our pre workout snack is something easily digestible avoiding saturated fats or too much protein as these types of fuels digest slower and redirect oxygen from your muscles to your stomach. I’ll reach for a nomz hazelnut energy bite. Not only do these bites make me nostalgic for Ferrero Rocher chocolates, their macros are the perfect balance for fuelling a workout! If I only have a few moments before I’m heading into my home studio/living room, a banana is a great option in a pinch.

Refuelling the tank is just as important as laying the foundation with a pre workout snack. Healthy recovery snacks should be consumed about 20-60 minutes after your workout. My favourite healthy snack for recovery is a slice of sweet potato toast with nomz pistachio butter. The sweet potato works to replenish carbs burned during the workout while the pistachio butter’s nutrient profile is key for proper recovery. Pistachio butter’s antioxidants and protein promote muscle recovery; additionally pistachios are filled with nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium and potassium. The body loses potassium during intense exercise which can lead to muscle weakness if not replenished. 

Ever body is different, pay attention to what works for you. Make sure to enjoy the luxury of movement, and treat your body with the proper nutrition to support the work you do.

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