Why we don't use peanuts

Why we don't use peanuts
There have been very few changes to the original recipe of our energy bites. Since the beginning, the recipe was crafted to create the best tasting snack, a distinctly unique experience, with the most nutritional benefit; with these three pillars, the decision was made to use organic almonds as the base of all four of our flavours.If you look online there are countless articles comparing almonds to peanuts, generally the differences are quite micro, specifically, their micro nutrients, except when it comes to price, the average price of organic peanuts is about half the cost of organic almonds. Even with the added cost for the ingredients, the decision was easy -- almonds packed more benefits, and therefore were the best choice of nut for our bites’ base. 
  1. Micronutrients: When it comes to peanut and almond Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats), both are similar although peanuts have more saturated fats than almonds. When it comes to the Micronutrients, almonds have five times the amount of Vitamin E then almonds. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that also enhances immune function and prevents clots from forming in the heart’s arteries. Almonds also deliver about double the magnesium then peanuts. Magnesium is crucial to healthy body function, and has a wide range of benefits including: reducing inflammation, reducing blood pressure and may have positive effects on mood, blood sugar control, and heart disease. 

  2. Fiber: Almonds pack twice the fiber per serving than peanuts. A high fiber diet has a long list of benefits including: a happy gut, keeping things regular, lowers the risk of certain cancers, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure and inflammation. Adults should consume between 21 and 38 grams of fiber depending on age and gender.

  3. Less Calories: Neither almonds or peanuts are exceptionally low in calories, and although we aren’t calorie counters ourselves, we know it's an important metric for those trying to manage weight. Almonds are less calorific per serving than peanuts, however incorporating a nutty snack regularly is linked to lower rates of obesity as each calorie is nutrient dense.

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