High Protein Green Smoothie (Without Protein Powder!)

High Protein Green Smoothie (Without Protein Powder!)

key points

  • This high protein green smoothie is vegan, gluten-free and paleo
  • Contains 24 g of protein per serving without adding any protein powder
  • Protein is needed for tissue regeneration, storage & transportation of nutrients, creation of antibodies and more

This high protein green smoothie incorporates daily nourish superfood mix, nut butter, and plant based milk for a satiating and delicious drink to fuel your day! With 24 g of protein per serving, it’s vegan, gluten-free, paleo and simple to throw together. 

High protein smoothies are such a quick and easy breakfast option! Ensuring that your smoothie contains adequate amounts of healthy fats and protein will help you feel energized and full for longer. 

While adding a scoop of protein powder is one way to boost your smoothie, it can be hard to find a protein powder that tastes good and is easy to digest. Many are whey based, and vegan options typically include pea protein (which can be difficult to digest) or brown rice protein (not paleo friendly).  Hands up if you've ever tried a vegan protein powder, but found that it was gritty, chalky, or just didn't have great flavour! We're here to solve that problem with this high protein green smoothie that is made without any protein powder, plus some tips on plant based sources of protein you can include in any smoothie to boost your protein intake!

What is Protein and Why Do We Need It? 

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are essential amino acids (those which our body can not synthesize), non-essential amino acids (which the body can synthesize), and conditionally essential amino acids (which become essential under stress). Protein is needed in the body for:

• Tissue regeneration, growth, and repair - including muscle tissue growth
• Essential for the storage and transportation of nutrients - for example transferrin is a transport protein for iron
•  Is a component of every cell in the body - hair, skin, nails, digestive tract, muscles, etc
• Helps to create antibodies that fight off infection
• Reduces cravings, as protein intake stimulates the section of the hunger hormone ghrelin - helping you to feel full (1)
• Provides energy!

With all of these benefits in mind, we wanted to create a recipe for a high protein smoothie that not only tastes great, but is filled with nourishing superfoods. The good news: are plenty of ways to add vegan protein to your smoothie that don’t require a protein powder! 

Plant-Based Proteins to Add To Your Smoothie

Daily Nourish - provides 11 g protein per serving, thanks to the chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, bee pollen, and sprouted flax! Read more below on the benefits of all 13 ingredients that are included in this superfood mix. 

Organic Nut Butter - for this recipe, we used our organic pistachio butter which contains 6 g protein per serving (2 tablespoons). Almond butter, hazelnut butter, or macadamia nut butter are also fantastic sources. As a bonus, they all contain healthy fats as well! 

Organic Soy Milk - is an amazing source of plant based protein, at 8 g protein per cup! Many scientific studies have shown that moderate soy consumption can be protective agains breast cancer risk, in addition to lowering LDL cholesterol levels and potentially protecting against prostate cancer. 

Other Plant Based Milk Options - if you can't tolerate soy, opt for hemp milk (4 g protein per cup), pea milk (8 g protein per cup), or even chickpea milk (8 g protein per cup)!

avocado, pistachio pieces, spinach, cucumber, banana, and soy milk on light white wood backdrop from overhead, with blender

Daily Nourish

This combination of 13 nutrient-dense superfoods is formulated to boost your energy, immunity, and overall health, daily. Rich in antioxidants, protein, Omegas 3 and 6, and so much more, this blend is made from absorbable organic ingredients to make you feel your best. 

With 11 g of plant-based protein per serving, 12 g of fiber, it’s a great addition to any smoothie.

This blend can help to balance blood sugar + cholesterol, while also providing a bioavailable source of iron (thanks to the curry leaf).

No need to scoop out multiple superfood powders into your smoothie - instead we’ve combined all of the best into one convenient jar  

Looking for more smoothie inspiration? Check out this immune boosting superfood green smoothie, this energizing açai smoothie bowl, and this chocolate hazelnut berry layered smoothie.




What does daily nourish taste like?
Daily nourish has an invigorating flavour that will wake up your taste buds and light up your immune system! With some heat from the cayenne (not spicy, just a slight heat), subtle sweetness from the hemp hearts and bee pollen - it tastes delish when blended into a green smoothie like this.
What is the recommended serving size for daily nourish?
45 grams, which is 4 tablespoons or roughly 1/3 cup. The serving size can be conveniently measured using the lid of the jar - which holds 45 grams.
Green smoothie vs green juice - which is better?
We LOVE green smoothies, because you are getting all the amazing fiber from from your greens! Fiber is essential for healthy digestion, and so many of us don't get enough fiber in our meals. Fiber helps to promote healthy digestion, normalize blood sugar, and manage cholesterol.

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